About Us

Our Purpose

The Southern Time Community exists to connect Cultural Creatives and community members to better help them organize to improve pressing health, social, and environmental concerns -- both in one's neighborhood and globally.

Our Motive

The Southern Time Community's desire is for everyone, everywhere, to live in harmony and balance with nature and each other. We believe this is possible and are making this happen.

Our Mission

We want to make the world a better place for all, of course. STC is a community platform where like-minds can connect, strategize, and take action to alleviate pressing health, social, and environmental concerns.

How To Connect

STC offers many ways for members to associate, but, first one has to join!

Become a Member

You may not only find a friend but inner fulfillment as well.

Explore Work Groups

And to find the right fit, audit incognito before participating.

Community Library

A member-uploaded repository of health, social, and environmental knowledge regarding our world.

What Our Members Say

Our Allies

These organizations have helped make the Southern Time Community in one way or form. They all do good.